Robotic Process Automation

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What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is a software program that emulates work of a human agent. It uses existing User Interface to drive applications. These robots automate repetitive work.

Robotic Process Automation
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Is Robotic Process Automation a good career move ?

RPA is the most recent innovation in the field of IT and Artificial Intelligence. It has picked up huge amount of success and recognition in no time.

The global RPA market is expected to top $8.75 billion by 2024. This means a lot of tasks previously done by humans, or new roles that didn’t exist before, will be performed by bots.

The pay for people with these skills is quite high in comparison to other job categories. Today, the average salary for “robotic process automation” in the United States is almost 30% higher than salaries for general programmers or software engineers. Demand for people skilled in RPA is set to skyrocket.

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