Why should you learn Blue Prism?

The term Robotic Process Automation or  RPA was coined by Blue Prism. This itself demonstrates that the organization is pioneers of this field. Blue Prism empowers businesses to be agile with lower operational cost via automating, manual, rule-based, repetitive back-office tasks. 

Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce provides efficient, robust and scalable solutions . It offers development studio with drag and drop functionality to automate business processes.

Why should you enroll to this course?

  • 22 hours of Instructor led Training
  • Course designed according to industry demands
  • Realtime use cases and scenarios
  • Practical Approach
  • Certified Trainers with experience
  • 24*7 Support

At the end of the course, you will be given real time projects. This will help you get ready for certification exams and interviews.  

Course Contents

  • Introduction to RPA
    What is RPA, Where RPA can be useful, What are the benefits, Use cases.
  • Introduction to Blue Prism
    About Blue Prism, Components, Studio walk-through
  • Process Studio
    Control Flow, Process Validation, Data Items, Decision Stage, Calculation Stage, Collections and Loops, Page Organization
  • Inputs & Outputs
    Page Input Parameters, Data Item Visibility, Output Parameters, Start up Parameters, Control Room 
  • Business Objects
    Object Studio,Business Objects,Action Stage,Inputs and Outputs
  • Object Studio Deep Dive
    Creating a Business Object, Application Modeler, Attributes, Actions- Launch, Wait, Write, Read, Terminate, Attach & Detach, Press, Timeouts
  • Error Management
    Exception Handling, Recover and Resume, Exception Blocks, Throw, Preserve the Current Exception, Exception Bubbling
  • Excel Operations
    Create, Read, Write operations
  • Application Automation
    Integrating Desktop, Browser Automation
  • Email,PDF Automation
    Get, Send, Save & reply to Emails, Extract data from text and scanned PDF files
  • Case Management
    Work Queues, Configurations, Defer, Attempts, Filters, Reports
  • Additional Features
    Safe Stop,Collection Actions, Choice Stage, Logging, System Manager, Export and Import, Release Manager – Packages and Releases
  • Advanced Concepts
    Multi bot architecture, Environment Locking,Credential Management
  • Surface Automation
    Surface Automation, Region Mode spying, Global Clicks and Keys, Events, Dynamic Attributes
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