Connect to SQL Database using UiPath

In this article, we will learn how to query SQL database using UiPath. SQL is used to create, maintain and retrieve the relational database. Process automation with SQL is common use case which involve retrieving data from databases through queries. Let’s understand how to connect and query using UiPath.

We are using AdventureWorks Database in this tutorial. This is Microsoft product sample for an online transaction processing (OLTP) database. The AdventureWorks Database supports a fictitious, multinational manufacturing company called Adventure Works Cycles. You can download it from here.

Prerequisites: You will need to have database activities package installed in UiPath studio. You can install these activities using package manager.

Let’s get started! First activity we need is to create connection. “Connect” activity sets up the connection between UiPath studio and Database. Drag and drop Connect activity on the page. connect Click ‘Configure Connection’ button. connection-setting On Connection settings dialog, click “Connection Wizard” button to select data source. Select ‘Microsoft SQL Server’ from list. After that, select data provider for SQL server from Data provider drop down list. Click OK. provider ‘Connection Properties’ dialog will be opened then Select your database server name from drop down list. Provide authentication details as required. After that,  Select the database you want to connect to. database Click ‘Test Connection’ button to verify that UiPath is able to connect to the database. test-connection
Click OK then click Ok again on ‘Edit Connection Settings’ dialog box. You will be able to see connection string with all the details. Select ‘SQL Client’ from dropdown to specify Provider name. conn-settings These steps create a connection between database and UiPath. You will need to store in a variable of type ‘DatabaseConnection’. Create a variable and assign it to output property of ‘Connect’ activity. We have ‘connAdventureWorks’ variable for this. conn Once we have a connection established, now we can execute queries. Drag and drop ‘Execute Query’ activity from the list. execute-query Click on ‘Configure Connection’ button to open settings. After that, mention connection variable name. Select OK and get back to Execute Query activity. conn-name Click ‘Edit Query’ button and mention the SQL query you want to run. query This query when runs successfully, returns a table. So we need a data table variable to hold these values. prop Then to see how many rows we’ve got in data table, we are writing it to excel file using ‘Write Range’ activity. write-range Below is the list of products from SQL database. output


Using database activities, we can query SQL database and get results in the data table using ‘Execute Query’ activity. If it’s required to execute INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries, we have to use ‘Execute Non Query’ activity in similar way. This activity returns number of rows affected.

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