Why should you learn UiPath?

UiPath is leading Robotic Process Automation industry with very powerful tool for desktop automation. It is simple to use with drag and drop functionality. UiPath Studio allows users to design automation processes in a visual way through diagrams. RPA Mantra brings you UiPath online training course.

UiPath is the hottest skill to learn in RPA market! Read more about UiPath here

Why should you enroll to this course?

  • 22 hours of Instructor led Training
  • Course designed according to industry demands
  • Realtime use cases and scenarios
  • Practical Approach
  • Certified Trainers with experience
  • 24*7 Support

At the end of the UiPath online training, you will be given real time projects. This will help you get ready for certification exams and interviews.  

Course Contents

  • Introduction to RPA
    What is RPA, Where RPA can be useful, What are the benefits, Use cases.
  • Introduction to UiPath
    About UiPath, Components, Studio walk-through, Packages and extensions
  • UiPath Studio Basics
    Control Flow, Flow Charts, Sequences, If Else blocks, Loops, Datatypes, Variables, Datatables
  • Excel Automation
    Create, Read, Write operations
  • Excel Automation
    Create, Read, Write operations
  • Recordings
    Basic, Desktop, Web, Citrix recording with use cases
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in UiPath
    Google, Microsoft OCR engines & text extraction
  • Email,PDF, User Events
    Get, Send, Save & reply to Emails, Extract data from text and scanned PDF files
  • String Manipulations
    Commonly used Text operations
  • Exception Handling
    Best Practices, Exception bubbling, specific handling and recovery techniques
  • Orchestrator
    Add robot, process, Environment. Create schedule. Monitoring of production robots. Assets and Queues.
  • Robotic Enterprise Framework
    State Machines, Real time project using REFramework

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